Meeling for YYO Shanghai ONTIMESHOW Exhibition (2017)

"This series is about boundless beauty. Mee Ling was my fashion journalism tutor when I was studying fashion design and branding, she is 54 years old right now. She inspired me a lot and I admire her a lot. She does whatever she likes, she goes to the gym, plays Judo, shares her experience with her students, lives in the real moment. For me beauty about always being yourself. It isn't a new trend, it's an attitude for your whole life."

這組照片的主題是”No Border”。Mee Ling 是我在學習時尚設計和營銷時的Fashion Journalism老師,她現在54歲。她給了我很多啟示,我也十分敬佩她。她只做自己想做的事:去強身健體、練習柔道、和學生分享她的經歷、活在真實的當下。美對我來說是每時每刻做真正的自己,是一輩子的態度。

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