Yung & Dicky (2015)

因為「缺陷」所以使我們變得自卑,把自己變得更小,但對我而言「缺陷」是我們與生俱來,它使我們向自己提出提問,然後了解自己。這一系列的照片是從街上找來兩位天生疾病-白化症的年青人阿勇及Dicky然後進行了近一年的拍攝,把他們的缺陷美從鏡頭記錄下來。事實我們應該擁抱自己的缺陷,接受,然後了解、欣賞自己的「不完美」,你會從自己身上找到值得學習、新發現的地方,找到可貴之處─Keep Your Flaws。

"Flaws" cast a shadow of inferiority over life, but nobody is perfect: the uniqueness of life is interpreted through the gifted imperfection of human bodies. To capture the beauty of flaws under the lens, a yearlong shooting had been conducted with two teenage models, Yeung and Dickty with their Albinism. To embrace "flaws" with acceptance, appreciation and affirmation is to understand beauty — Keep Your Flaws.

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